Today basically every business needs to have an internet presence – more and more that presence needs to be directed toward a local market

If your company has a physical location that you want clients and customers to visit then you need to put some effort into local SEO. In doing so you will help ensure that your company is listed above your competitors when people search for the local that you have to offer.


 Here are the basics of  local SEO – we can help you do it or we can do it for you…


Website optimization –

The first component of local SEO is good website optimization. Use general website optimization best practices, and include your full business name, address and phone number on each page of your website. The header or footer is a good place for this. Ensure this information is in the very same format as it is in your Google Plus profile. Also, ensure your home page title tag and meta description includes your city, province and postal code, but don’t exceed 70 characters (including spaces) in your title tag. Use schema micro data whenever possible.

Google plus profile –

The next most important thing you can do for local SEO is to claim your Google plus listing and have it verified. The more complete your profile, the better your chances, so provide 100% of the information it requests. Include images, videos, links and more.  Use keywords in your business description, but only use keywords that are relevant, sound natural, and are important for accurately describing your business. If you use keywords in the title or stuff your business description with keywords, Google will see this is an unnatural attempt at optimization. Next you need to go through the verification process or Google will not recognize you as a legitimate business.

Local Directories & citations –

Another important component of local SEO is citations. A citation is anywhere online that mentions your business name, address and phone number in exactly the same form as your Google Local listing. The more citations your site has, the better. To acquire citations, you’ll need to claim or establish profiles for your company on as many prominent local directories as possible, such as Yellow pages, Fraser Valley Life, BBB, and others. Ensure the information on these websites match the information on your Google Places profile. For example, don’t spell out “Avenue” in your Places profile and abbreviate it as “Ave.” in other local directories. You can use our service to claim your profiles on local directories and ensure they include the correct citation, though there is a cost.

Google + reviews –

This one’s important – here in the Fraser Valley, if you have 5 or more positive reviews on your G+ page there is a very good chance that you will show up on the first page of search results as well as on a map search when people are looking for something in the local area. Even if you don’t have reviews you will show up but a little lower in the rankings – The number of positive reviews your business has on your Google Plus profile, the more likely you are to rank high in local searches. To get positive reviews, the first and most important thing you have to do is deliver a great service or product and make customers happy. Along with that, include a link to your Google Plus profile within email communications, especially emails following a customer purchase or visit. Additionally, you can include signage inside your business reminding customers that they can leave a review on your Google Places profile.

Optimize for local search – geo-locating –

As of January 2015 – over 60% of search is done on a mobile device – 80% of those searches end in a purchase generally in an area local to the search query. Most of today’s mobile devices are geo-enabled , meaning they have GPS capability, if your business is not on the map, they can’t find you, worse than that they won’t even look for you. A geo-enabled website of course is the ultimate but clear concise contact details complete with a good map with direction capability should be included on your website.

Ultimately – like it or not –

If you want your business to be noticed, it has to be on Google+ the search giant’s network is increasingly integrated with the entire Google ecosystem, from search to Maps to YouTube. Engaging with Google+ isn’t just a way to share updates and deals with your customers; it’s also the best way to ensure they find your business in the first place.

Getting on Google+ will help Google’s Web crawlers index your site, leading to higher placement during a Web search. It will also ensure that customers get the right information when they search for your business on Google.


Local Life Media can help –

With any of the above or more. Our service offerings are complete from website and or App development to hosting and SEO. Have a look around our site and if you think we might be able to help – let’s have a chat. We are located in the Fraser Valley (Mission) and we specialize in local businesses. Contact details are here..

Video below is about Google “My Business”